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Our canteen caters for all students. Volunteers are always welcome in the canteen. If you would like to volunteer in the canteen just pop into the canteen and let us know what day suits you best.


The canteen is open each day for recess and lunch orders and over the counter sales on both the infants and primary sides.

Menu and price lists for 2021

Please download the price list from the page menu on the left for detailed information on the canteen this year.

Please also download and read the Healthy Canteen Flyer.

Ordering lunches

Lunches maybe ordered preferably by starting an account for your child\ren for on-line ordering at the flexi schools website or by placing a brown lunch bag with an order and money into the green bin (infants) and yellow bin (primary). These bins are located near the bus shelters and are collected after the start of class or around 9.30am, if your child is late to school they will need to bring their order to the canteen to ensure they get their lunch.

On a bag from home write your child's full name, class plus what the child is ordering with the amount written beside items. Place the money inside the bag, fold a few times and place in the lunch bins. PLEASE no staples or sticky tape! Any menu item may be ordered, if an ice-cream\ice block\milkshake is ordered the canteen staff will circle the item and write ‘collect' on the order bag. It is up to the children to bring the bag to the canteen to collect the circled item. Lunches and drinks (hot or cold) are packed in thermal bags and delivered ( by lunch monitors) to the classrooms.

Example lunch order:

Kate Smith 2K

1 ham sandwich    $2.20

1 choc milk            $1.80

1 choc billabong    $1.50


                    total   $5.50

$6 enclosed

50c change required

Ordering recess

Recess may be ordered in the same way as a lunch order, but PLEASE on a separate bag clearly marked in large writing RECESS. The canteen staff will have the orders ready to be picked up at recess by the children who have ordered.

Canteen times and duties for helpers:

Monday to Friday from 10am - 2pm

Preparing lunches and serving at the counter (Primary or Infants)

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