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Learning remotely

We're keeping students learning both in and out of the classroom.

Explore the department's Learning remotely resources to support both online and offline learning for all students.

Learning remotely without technology

We understand some students do not have access to a device or internet for online learning. Contact the school to discuss non-digital learning from home options for your child.

Online Guided Learning Packages.

If families are looking for further learning for their children you can access the following packages. These Guided Learning Packages have been developed by the Department for schools to share with their families. This is not compulsory and must only be used as an extra after completing the work packs set by teachers.

If you would like to access these guided packages, please find the link that will take you to your child's stage level.



STAGE 2 (YEARS 3 & 4)

STAGE 3 (YEARS 5 & 6)